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Offer Code: 2019 SPRING SPECIALS

Terms & Conditions:

   2019 Specials -Flexible Hours and Great Deals!

 Offers Valid March 1st, 2019 through May 31st, 2019 at both Locations.

  Zoom Whitening  $100 OFF.. (Valid on ONE Session Only.) Retail Value $600. 

Take Home Whitening for $50 OFF.. (Valid for ONE Session Only.) Retail Value $300. 

 $500 off Implants, Braces. (Includes all Implants , Invisalign & Fast Braces. One Time Usage ONLY & Cannot be combined with any other offer. ) 

    For Braces, Implants and Extractions you must schedule a Pre-Screening Appointment prior to the Treatment to reserve your special pricing. An out of pocket cost estimate will be given at your screening appointment. A 60% deposit may be required to reserve your actual appointment.  

     Sale pricing applies to services that are not covered by insurance. If you have insurance your insurance will be billed normal fees.

Offer Valid During the Promotional Period Only!

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